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Workshop Testimonials & Discussion

“I feel like this course gave me the “whole book” and not just a chapter. I have information I can use to make a difference. Thanks to all the staff for bringing this wonderful work to us. I and my PT’s will greatly benefit from this work.”

Julie Chadwick, PT, Bellevue, WA

“This is a unique course. One could actually build a practice around the techniques.”

Brian McKeever, MPT, ATC, Folsom, CA

“Great course – with personal application for my own chronic muscle/joint problems as well as a way to help my clients with a logical approach to their problems. Thanks for your insights, knowledge, and humor.”

Ronald Kibert, DC, Portland, OR

“Thank you so much. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow!”

Kim Mazik, PT, Hailey, ID

“The information presented in this workshop brings so much logic to addressing muscle imbalance and dysfunction. I am looking forward to including it in my practice. Thanks so much!”

Larry Thompson, MT, Los Altos, CA

“Exquisite – you had to twist my arm to get me here, but it has been the best 2 days of seminar that I have been to in the 4 years since I graduated from PT school!”

Mark Fisher, PT, Woodland, CA

“Finally…a course that helped me to work through my own physical pains.”

Deborah Howell, PT, Las Vegas, NV