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Here are some testimonials about what we do at BioPerformance Texas:

Consulting & Testing Services

“There are only a few times in a career when something comes along that changes your paradigm. Dave Lemke’s approach to chronic disease is one of those game-changers.

Although Dave teaches a hands-on course focused on those that are trained in body work, I feel it is equally important for any health practitioner to understand and be convinced of this approach.

I encourage all practitioners to become knowledgeable about Functional Neuromuscular Therapy.”

Author of Healing is Voltage

“David Lemke has performed two sEMG studies for me. These studies involved testing the effectiveness of my muscle release technique. The quality of these studies proved to be quite valuable in my marketing campaign.

I have found David’s work to be meticulous and very professional. He is also exceedingly knowledgeable about muscles and sEMG testing procedures. David is very easy to work with, and was quite receptive to any comments or suggestions I had.

I would not hesitate in having David perform any future studies for me, and would highly recommend him for any sEMG services you may require.”

M. Anthony Smith, DC
Owner, Dynamic Health;  Developer of  MyoBiotix


“David Lemke provided thorough assessment and precise treatment throughout our entire season. His consistency with our athletes and careful attention to their needs at the State Championship meet was instrumental in their recovery between events and optimization of their overall performance. We could not have succeeded like we did in the clutch moments without his invaluable expertise!”

Lewis Watkins–Head Track & Field Coach
Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy
2008 Girls & Boys’ State Champions

Workshops & Training

“I feel like this course gave me the “whole book” and not just a chapter. I have information I can use to make a difference. Thanks to all the staff for bringing this wonderful work to us. I and my PT’s will greatly benefit from this work.”

Julie Chadwick, PT, Bellevue, WA

“This is a unique course. One could actually build a practice around the techniques.”

Brian McKeever, MPT, ATC, Folsom, CA

“Great course – with personal application for my own chronic muscle/joint problems as well as a way to help my clients with a logical approach to their problems. Thanks for your insights, knowledge, and humor.”

Ronald Kibert, DC, Portland, OR

“Thank you so much. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow!”

Kim Mazik, PT, Hailey, ID

“The information presented in this workshop brings so much logic to addressing muscle imbalance and dysfunction. I am looking forward to including it in my practice. Thanks so much!”

Larry Thompson, MT, Los Altos, CA

“Exquisite – you had to twist my arm to get me here, but it has been the best 2 days of seminar that I have been to in the 4 years since I graduated from PT school!”

Mark Fisher, PT, Woodland, CA

“Finally…a course that helped me to work through my own physical pains.”

Deborah Howell, PT, Las Vegas, NV