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Functional (FUN!) NMT: What’s it Like?

“Performed fully clothed, this treatment feels like acupressure or trigger point work combined with a few assisted stretches. Functional (FUN!) NMT  involves a unique sequence strategy used to truly correct underlying physiological issues – not just treat the area in crisis.”

What to Expect from this Treatment:

1. A feeling of lightness and ease of movement:

This is normal as muscles are brought back online and overused muscles are assisted by their natural partners. Participation by more muscles makes less effort necessary for activity, so energy is freed up for deeper healing of stressed tissues.

2. “Point Tenderness” may be experienced at the muscle manipulation sites:

When first receiving this treatment it is normal to anticipate and try to “help” a little – raising the tension level in the treated muscles. A very minor irritation can then follow treatment – however, application of cold / ice for a brief period reduces this type of irritation.

3. Aching in previously underused muscles: Just like when starting a new exercise, muscles get achy and sore when they haven’t worked in a while. With many muscles freshly “back to work”, it is normal to experience some aching in a few unusual places. This is normal and subsides at the same rate as post exercise soreness.

You may experience any combination of the above responses from this type of bodywork. Your unique combination of responses will be of interest to your therapist on your next visit – and will serve as important information to further personalize your program.