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New for 2016! 

(Re)Defining the Core: The Key to Functional & Corrective Exercise

Ready for a “twist” in how you think about the core and truly functional exercises? Get a fresh perspective on movement dysfunction by analyzing the “Core Twist” and how to correct it.

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Additional courses available (by request):

What is Functional (FUN!) Neuromuscular Therapy Training?

Functional  (FUN!) NMT workshops (Unit 1 – Upper Body & Unit 2 – Lower Body) are offered over two consecutive days for a convenient training experience. Your instructor is the developer of this revolutionary bodywork – so everyone is assured satisfying answers to the toughest questions – and the best possible learning experience taught by a seasoned veteran. Please read the instructor’s biography here. Or, for testimonials click here

Functional Neuromuscular Therapy – Upper Body Day 1  – (6CE)

This hands-on seminar will examine evidence that a single primary defensive bias governing the central nervous system (CNS) leads to the most common shoulder and neck problems. Participants will examine the best treatment techniques to use when correcting shoulder and neck muscle dysfunction and further learn an exact sequence of treatment that, combined with a unique approach and manipulation of each muscle, can produce optimum results.

Functional Neuromuscular Therapy – Lower Body Day 2  – (6CE)

The second unit examines the core “twist” that every normal human motor system exhibits – and how the same functional twist that underlies rotator cuff and cervical problems is at work predisposing the lower body to a set of chronic stresses. These stresses combine to produce a comprehensive list of lower body dysfunctions: low back pain, hip and knee pain TFL and ITB syndromes, achilles tendon stain, plantar fascitis – and on the list goes. The assessment and treatment learned in this unit gives insights that drive the best possible outcomes – and guarantee to make bodywork FUN!

Functional Chain Training Certification –  (6CE)

Functional exercise is all the rage – but what makes it more helpful than traditional exercise? This workshop shares rare insights into the vital role of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in exercise which will allow you to help your clients perform at their very best. Unfortunately, our stressful lifestyles (including competitive athletics) elevate sympathetic tone (fight-flight response) which inhibits parasympathetic tone (controlling digestion and other vital functions).

In these six entertaining and informative hours you will learn exactly how and why the human nervous system learns to be stress driven – and how it can be trained to be balanced, powerful, and immune to injury. You will also receive an innovative resistance band universal  gym kit (the Functional Chain Trainer kit from Flexsolate) available exclusively through David Lemke and his unique workshops.

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