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Iphone 7-17-14 152Thanks for visiting us here at BioPerformance Texas. We want to help you “Take Life Back!”  This is where you can learn about Functional (Fun!) NeuroMuscular Therapy treatment and classes as well as products invented or tested and endorsed by David. We also offer sEMG testing of products and services to support your business needs.  Here is the full menu of what we offer at BioPerformance Texas:

Consulting & Testing

Gait Analysis

Running Form Coaching for Ultimate Performance & Injury Prevention!

Kinesiological sEMG testing of product performance and /or treatment modalities

Workshops & Training   

Functional (FUN!) Neuromuscular Therapy – Upper Body

Functional (FUN!) NMT – Lower Body

Functional Chain Training Certification

Here is a schedule of our upcoming classes and course descriptions.


Functional (FUN!) NeuroMuscular Therapy – A description of this unique and effective bodywork treatment may be found here.

2 comments on “Welcome!”

  1. J

    I was curious to know where BioPerformaceTexas is located. Is David Lemke part of it? Do you have an Austin or Dallas office?
    Thanks, Joe

  2. admin

    Hi Joe,

    BioPerformance Texas is located in Wimberley (25 miles SW of Austin). This is where I personally practice and play 🙂

    I no longer have an office in Austin.

    Cheers and thanks for inquiring,

    David Lemke

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